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“J.K.Chua worked for companies in Corporate America for over 26 years. J.K. went through two life-threatening diseases – kidney cancer and liver hepatitis – but came out stronger and determined to help others overcome challenges and live their fullest potential. He now dedicates his life mentoring and coaching others to succeed in their career or business by avoiding pitfalls while taking care of their health. His experiences serve as powerful lessons for others to learn.”

Joel Bauer, Mentor, Speaker, Author and Media Personality, USA


“J.K. reminds us to value our health and to live a life of purpose. He reminds us that we have a finite time being alive on earth and that we should help our fellow human beings. I can relate to his experience, experiencing the death of a loved one.”

Lelaina Lim, Group Chief Financial Officer, RSH Limited, Singapore


“It’s a relaxing read that tells a story of someone who battled with his mortality not once but twice and resulted in a total change in perspective, a renewed balance in life and a gentle reminder not to get stressed too much. Joo Kwang takes us on a trip down memory lane, recollecting his life growing up with strong family values in a kampung in Malaysia, and later in Singapore.”

Michael Stephens, Vice-President APAC Global Services, Coriant GmbH, Singapore


“J.K.’s book is an amazing story from an amazing person who has taken me on an amazing journey to the next level. I was totally immersed in the book and I felt an immediate connection that was heartfelt."

Mark Heritage, Creative Property Specialist, Melbourne


“J.K. sharing his experience as a cancer survivor is powerful and impactful. His life story was full of life lessons and he shows people how to embrace a positive outlook of life.”

Cheryl Guan, Social Worker, Care Corner Family Service Centre, Singapore


J.K.’s vast corporate experience will help to prepare myself for working life when I graduate. He is very committed and passionate about mentoring and coaching his mentees. I have truly benefitted from his experience and advice.

Rebekah Low, National University of Singapore Undergraduate


“I attended J.K.’s Sales Immersion Training Programme where he shared a lot of his experience. He taught us many great and practical lessons from how to build rapport with your client to building relationships and avoiding mistakes that can break the relationship all the way to closing the deal. He brings his experience to the table in a very unique and insightful way. His mentorship has also taught me to present myself in a more effective way and to be confident of myself at work.”

Kyle Tan, National University of Singapore Undergraduate


J.K. shared his 28 years experience working for multinationals to help me understand what it takes to be successful at the workplace. He had many inspiring workplace anecdotes that helped with my learning. I now feel more confident to make a difference when I start work.

Angel Gong, National University of Singapore School of Business Honours Undergraduate



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