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UNDERSTANDING: The Doctor Saved My Life Twice

HH Dalai Lama Teachings in 2014
Std Six-WA Photo-2020-01-29 at 9.38
My Mum and my sister with Ms. Sipe
Grandpa After Election Victory
Tunku Abdul Rahman speaking at Rally
Chua Ancestral Home 2013
Yong Joo Long Cigarette Van
V8 vegetable juice
Grandpa and Uncle Kim circa 1950
Petrol Station Pump Attendant
Ex-location of government quarters
Shell Petrol Station circa 1950
Yong Joo Long Shell Station in 2013
K.L. road heading towards Bentong
Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku dish
Mouth-watering dishes
3 Generations @ Yong Joo Long
Childhood photo with doctor friend
Main dishes at a Malay restaurant
Chua Ancestral Home circa 1950
Yong Joo Long Paper Bag
My sister and me with our neighbours
Birthday cake with my Dad
Supermarket Shopping with Boys
Stone Rice Mill
Delectable dishes
Form 5 Science 1 @ SMS
Grandma and me


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