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Inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization ... 22 December 2015 (
I was elated when I was inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization for my contribution to the Bestseller, Pebbles in the Pond:  Transforming the World One Person at a Time – Wave Four!
Singapore Writers' Festival 2014​ [31 October 14 - 09 November 14]

SWF 2014 was wonderful ! I attended many events and it was time well spent. Had the opportunity to attend two Publishing Symposium on Market Focus for China and Malaysia and it was excellent networking.

"I have kidney cancer!" ... 22 July 2009

I get a call from my family doctor who tells me that I have a growth in my right kidney. The prognosis of kidney cancer could only be confirmed with a biopsy during the operation.  I had hoped that it was not cancer but unfortunately it was renal carcinoma.  Luckily for me, it was Stage 1 cancer and after the removal of my right kidney, I did not need chemotherapy.​

First run of books printed today, 29 October 2014

Finally I am going to see my book in actual print form, twelve years my journey to write this book started. The first run of my books were delivered to me on 3 November 2014.

Completed manuscript on 1 October 2014

Finally I finished tidying up my manuscript and it is going for the final review before going to print! After some final reviews, we are good to go to the printers. Finally, I am going to see my book in actual print form. It has been twelve years since I started on my journey to write this book.

Completed first draft manuscript on 22 August 2012

I just completed the first draft manuscript of my book.  I created rudimentary versions of my book in ePub and iBooks format to get a feel of the structure.  I passed the manuscript to my copywriter and she had encouraging comments for me. She advised me to split my original manuscript into multiple books to address the different target audience.

Passed my 3rd year mark ... 22 July 2012

It has been 3 years since I had a major operation to remove my right kidney.  I have been going for medical checks with both the renal surgeon who operated on me and a leading oncologist. Every six months, I go through a medical examination, blood tests, urine tests and ultrasound/CT scans and get a little stressed waiting for the results. I have been fruitful in my writings recently and I am now on the 38000th word for my manuscript, after a hiatus of writing at the 20000 words' mark.  It was not writer's block, but I was busy at work with other life priorities.

Rewind to 29 April 2005

One day, I was jaundiced and later discovered that I had non-viral liver hepatitis. It happened after months of suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  I had severe abdominal cramps and I was advised to remove my inflammed gall bladder. My condition was further complicated by my fatty liver.  I juiced for 60 days and avoided fatty food and miraculously recovered from the liver problem.

Going back in time to 8 August 2003

I was reflecting upon my life, my family and the joys of raising my 4 year old son when out of the blue, I decided that I should write a book. The primary focus of my book was going to be my Corporate Life. Within the day, I created a skeletal draft of the contents of the book. I started compiling notes in earnest. I also realized that over the years, I had writtent many notes in my trusty Palm PDA (Oh! Yes I did have one of those!). When I started reading some of my old notes, I could not help but smile.





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