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"UNDERSTANDING: The Doctor Saved My Life Twice"

The discovery of my kidney cancer was a major game-changer for me.


So many emotions went through my mind when I discovered I had kidney cancer in 2009, after surviving life-threatening non-viral liver hepatitis in 2004. I reflected on the significant moments of my life and the steps I took to lead a healthy cancer-free life.


When my Mum passed away in 2013, I felt compelled to share my experiences as I now appreciate the importance of being mentally prepared for death and for the next-of-kin to make the necessary arrangements in advance.

This book will help you in the following ways:


It will "put you in the shoes" of a cancer patient so that you can better empathize with what a cancer patient goes through. 


It can help you to boost your health through education.


It can help you perform better at work through better nutrition and "feeding your mind, body and soul" the right way.


It can help you better understand "life and death".


It will remind us to take care of our loved ones unconditionally.



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